Roast chicken Ricetta

Roast chicken

Recipe ingredients quantity Roast chicken per 4 persons.

  • -a chicken at least 1 kg, 200
  • -slices of bacon cut into rather large 150 g
  • -a sprig of rosemary
  • -two tablespoons of olive oil
  • -salt and pepper

Instructions for preparation of the recipe: Roast chicken

  1. Take the chicken fiammeggiatelo, wash and dry
  2. Season it inside and out with salt and pepper mixed together, cover the breast with slices of bacon, then tied the wings and legs close to the body, so that once cooked remain in proper shape
  3. Put it in a casserole right size not too big nor too small, add the rosemary, season with a little abundant oil, and put to cook in a hot oven for 20/30 minutes, turning it over two or three times during cooking and anointing him with his thick gravy
  4. Shortly before the After cooking, remove the slices of bacon and put it back in the oven, to color the chest
  5. When cooked untie and cut into eight pieces

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