Caper sauce Ricetta


Caper sauce

Recipe ingredients quantity Caper sauce per 4 persons.

  • -130 Gr. butter
  • -30 Gr. flour
  • -1/4 l. boiling water
  • -2 Tablespoons chopped capers
  • -1 Teaspoon of anchovy paste
  • -lemon juice
  • salt

Instructions for preparation of the recipe: Caper sauce

  1. Put the fire in a small saucepan gr
  2. 30 of butter, let it melt, then add the flour and stir, pour boiling salted water and work energetically the sauce with a wooden spoon until it is reduced as a cream, then reduce the heat and, stirring constantly incorporateci little at a time the rest of the butter
  3. When the sauce is cooked, about 15 minutes pass it through a strainer and Unitech chopped capers, anchovy paste and lemon juice
  4. Taste and adjust the seasoning to your taste
  5. Serve with boiled fish

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